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Scrimping for Christmas gifts? Here’s some help!

I just found out about an amazing rebate deal from the folks at Vision Forum. They carry more high-quality children’s toys, books, and videos than you can shake a stick at (make that gifts for the whole family–but the kid stuff is what I’ve drooled over these past few weeks!).

I thought I’d put myself on their email list, but I must have done it wrong, because I didn’t hear about this rebate deal until I stumbled across someone else’s blog last night and saw the banner. So I’m putting one up here for you. Click away! The rebates are good through December 11 and are really substantial. My husband’s grandfather sent us a check last week with explicit instructions to spend it only on Christmas gifts. Needless to say, after all the budget-crunching and scrimping I’d been doing, this was like giving me license to eat my heart out in a chocolate shop! Gotta admit I blew most of it at Vision Forum for the children. 😉 Enjoy!

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