I’ll keep adding to this page as we go along and I find more links to share. I will sprinkle links throughout my posts, but this page will be the “motherlode,” where you can find all the links in one spot. Links will include my favorite design sites, magazines, products, and more.


Country Living ~ Always wonderful ideas, particularly if you love salvage and flea-market finds. This is one I subscribe to so I won’t miss an issue. At $12 per year, it comes out to $1 an issue–versus $3.85 if you get it on the newsstand.

Mary Jane’s Farm ~ This magazine is a bit pricey, but what you get in each issue (six per year) is absolutely fantastic. Mary Jane provides real-life tips for growing your own vegetables, making your own clothes, creating table linens from interesting cast-offs, and more. Farm girl wisdom that works no matter where you live!

Better Homes and Gardens ~ Not every issue is a keeper, but there are always at least a few pages I tear out to save. I used to subscribe, but now I just pick up the occasional issue that has keeper ideas in it. Their website is extremely helpful and chock-full of ideas.

Country French Decorating ~ This is a magazine published once or twice a year as a specialty issue by Better Homes and Gardens. It always has both high-end and on-the-cheap ideas. I love looking through this for color schemes and recycled furniture ideas.

Victoria ~ Finally back after being gone for too long! Even though I don’t really decorate in a “Victorian” style at all, this magazine still showcases many things I love — it’s the overall feel of this magazine that makes it a must-have, so I subscribe.

Painting Links:

Zinsser ~ The best primers for the money, in my opinion. Use Bullseye 1-2-3 if you want zero fumes and easy soap-and-water cleanup.

Valspar ~ This is Lowe’s house brand paint. I’ve used it more times than I can count, and it holds up beautifully over time. It’s far cheaper than the big brand names and works just as well.

Cabinet Rescue ~ This has to be my find of the decade. No money to replace ugly old kitchen cabinets (including laminate)? THIS is your best friend! It is easy to use, a cinch to clean up, and the results are astounding…even for a beginner!

Prepare to Paint ~ This gives you a basic overview of how to prepare walls for painting and decide how much paint you’ll need.

Cabinet Pulls, Lighting, and More:

Your Home Supply ~ Another fantastic eBay store. This is where I got the cup pulls for my kitchen drawers at about a tenth of the retail price.

Modular Kitchen Cabinets ~ Don’t let the name fool you; you can get fixtures for regular kitchen cabinets here as well. I got my cabinet pulls for $1.13 each–compared to $3.58 retail.

Blue Marble Lighting ~ Discount lighting fixtures from another super eBay store.

Mobile Home Supplies:

Mobile Home Parts Store ~ This is a great place to find parts for your mobile home. Mobile homes do not have “standard” parts, so it’s important to get replacements (like vent covers, kitchen and bath sinks, etc.) that are going to fit properly.

Magic Mobile Home Supply ~ More of the same.

RV Sinks ‘N’ Fun Stuff ~ Don’t forget eBay in your quest for replacement parts! This is where I got our new kitchen sink for only $30 (compared to A$195+ retail).

General How-to Sites:

Hammerzone ~ This is a do-it-yourselfer’s dream with tutorials for everything from installing doors to painting to patching a leaky roof on the quick.

DIY Network ~ This ties in to the cable network of the same name, but you don’t need to have TV to benefit from it. Lots of step-by-step projects with photos.

HGTV ~ Again, you don’t need to watch the Home and Garden Television channel to benefit from their site. I’ve watched several of their helpful shows in the past, but you can get lots of helpful tips from HGTV.com without turning on the set.

Refinishing Countertops:

DIY Network’s Instructions for Tiling Over Laminate ~ This is the method I’m using and the easiest one by far, as it does not require a new underlayment (such as plywood or paper).

Ron Hazelton’s Video for Tiling Over Laminate ~ This is one method and a good one, but it involves an extra step and takes longer than the first method (which I’m using).

How to Paint Laminate Countertops
~ This is by far the least expensive way to redo old counters. It is a little labor intensive to get the countertops prepared properly, but it looks great when you’re finished!

3 Responses to “Great Links”

  1. 1 Karen Atchley October 11, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    Amanda – where did you find the information to tile over your kitchen floor? Also, where did you get your stick on tile? I saw the part about tiling your bathroom floor and that’s how I knew about your left over stick on tile? How is it holding up? Thanks for your website. We are also, in the midst of fixing up a double wide. I too started taking off the strips on the walls (started in the bathroom) and am giving it up.

  2. 2 queenofmytrailer October 29, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    Thanks for the note, Karen! I have links to the instructions for putting sticky tile over laminate in the “New floor in a snap!” post. All of the links are in the text of the post (links are blue). I got the tile from Lowe’s (fantastic sale!). The tile is holding up beautifully, and it really takes a beating, since the kitchen is the busiest room in the house. I love it!


  3. 3 annie kurc July 6, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    we changed our front door to a regular house door with oval window in it. you would be in love with the way it looks ,also hard wood floors and hanging lamps
    p.s. here we come bathroom and kitchen

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